Thursday, 10 October 2013

London Cocktail Week: Disaronno Sour Station

LCW 2013 is back for its third year, and its second year in its Seven Dials home. I headed to the Ketel One hub early afternoon on Monday morning (although they had opened the hub the weekend before to collect your wristband if you were organised enough). No big queues like last year, though this was late afternoon, and friendly staff on hand to get your registration through an ipad. 

I grabbed the literature (a book of all the bars offering £4 cocktails, a trial Time Out card and a Seven Dials map) and fully intended to head away as I had an event on. However, any free space in the area has been packed out with treats like the Monkey Shoulder DIY kitchen, the Belvedere Martini rooms, Portobello's Gin Club and so so much more from cocktails in shops to a shave and a shot stopping by the Bacardi Brown Foreman classes en route!

And in the street even there is Funkin Cocktails, Fevertree, Averna liqueurs and a Disaronno bike, pedaling (ha, get it?!) a simple citrus serve that tastes really very good.

So you have 3 days left, make the most of it. An if you don't know where to go just pick any Seven Dials street and see what you come across! 

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